Welcome to Research Bank, our open research repository that includes research produced by students and staff while affiliated with Unitec, Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT), Otago Polytechnic, Toi Ohomai and Southern Institute of Technology (SIT). These institutes are part of Te Pūkenga. It is intended to facilitate scholarly communication and shared access to our research outputs.

  • Early reflections on a collaborative research project about the safety of rainbow ākonga on Te Pūkenga campuses 

    Smith, L.; Gremillion, Helen; Beaumont, S.; Burke, R. S.; Kelsey, F.; Addington, L.; Nelis, M.; Shaw, Kristi Lee (ePress, Unitec, Te Pūkenga, 2023-11-29)
    This paper reports on the experiences of a research team designing and beginning to implement a research project exploring how safe and inclusive the various campuses of Te Pūkenga are for Rainbow ākonga (students). As ...
  • Katamari Kart: A serious and hilarious sub/urban game for more serendipitous, playful and friendly public art 

    Berthelsen, C.; Rachev, R.; Bonham, A. (Unitec, Te Pūkenga, ePress, 2023-11-21)
    The article presents the sub/urban game-method Katamari Kart, where people roam industrial and suburban areas collecting waste materials and progressively building a large and mobile public sculpture. This game-method ...
  • Resilient hub 

    Hickling, B. (Unitec, Te Pūkenga, ePress, 2023-11-21)
    The proposal describes a community hub; a site located within the suburban and urban built environment, made up of an arrangement of community-run buildings and facilities. Modern sustainable technologies and building ...
  • The fires of ambition: Te Awa Tupua 2040 

    Taʻala, Ahlia-Mei (Unitec, Te Pūkenga, ePress, 2023-11-21)
    Upon introduction, Māori will often, ask “Ko wai koe?”, or at the beginning of a pepeha, Māori might say, “Ko wai au?” The concept of ‘ko wai au’ is both a question and a statement in one. In one sense ‘ko wai au’ is asking ...
  • Decolonising and re-indigenising neighbourhood design 

    Clark, G. (Unitec, Te Pūkenga, ePress, 2023-11-21)
    How do we create a fairer, more equitable future? How do we create neighbourhoods that serve and nurture us; spaces that reflect us, that bring beauty, that inform our identities? Urbanists are generally reluctant to address ...

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